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Things Not to Do When Your Auto is Damaged by Hail

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Dent tips

Sustaining any type of damage to your vehicle is stressful. Hail damage, in particular, is especially troubling. You see the damage but you’re not able to replace the parts easily.

Whenever a stressful situation occurs, some people panic. They don’t know what to do and simply cave in to their emotions. They don’t think clearly in terms of what steps to take next and it costs them time and money.

Don’t Do These Things Following a Hailstorm

Here are things you won’t want to do when your car, truck, van or SUV is damaged by hail:

  • Call the insurance company too late. In order to get the insurance company to pay for the repair, you’ll first need to file a claim. Life can get hectic following a storm. There are places to go and things to do. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t file a claim right away. As soon as you see damage on your vehicle, you’ll want to give your insurance company a call. They’ll get information from you so they can follow through with your claim.
  • Jump on the first estimate you get. You’re likely going to get a few auto body shops who give you a low figure in an attempt to win your business. That doesn’t mean that they’ll do the best job or that you won’t have to come in for additional repairs. These businesses seldom give a guarantee nor do they work late so it will likely be days before you see your car, truck, van or SUV again.
  • Try to do the repair yourself and damage your vehicle worse. There are Paintless Dent Removal kits on the market that claim you can do the repair yourself. Pocketing the money from the insurance claim and buying one of these kits is a real disservice. Unless you’re an expert in PDR, you could end up damaging your vehicle more. This ends up costing you more money in the long run.
  • Not get the vehicle repaired and let it rust out in the damaged area. Deciding not to have the damage fixed despite filing a claim can destroy your vehicle. Damaged parts rust out over time. Unless you want to replace entire panels of your vehicle’s body, you won’t want to leave it sitting in your yard or driveway long. Instead, have an expert auto body repair shop do the repairs for you so you’re able to enjoy your vehicle longer.
  • Fear that the deductible is too high to fix the vehicle. In some cases, your out of pocket expense will be grand. The Auto Dent Specialists don’t want that to be the reason why you don’t get your vehicle repaired. We offer a Deductible Forgiveness Program which is designed to help you with the expense. To take advantage of the savings, fill out the form online and see if the repair qualifies for the discount. We offer up to $500 off qualified repairs.


Remain Calm and File a Claim Quickly with the Insurance Company

Don’t panic following a hailstorm. Even if your vehicle shows visible damage, you’re going to need to remain calm in order to give an accurate account of the event to your insurance agency representative. They’ll help you file a claim and schedule a time where you’ll meet with an adjustor who assesses the amount of damage you have on your vehicle.

Shop Around for Estimates

Once you have an idea of the extent of the damage that has occurred, you’ll want to shop around for repair estimates. It’s good to get three or four of them so you can compare costs so you get the best deal. Keep in mind that just because an auto body repair shop offers a low estimate doesn’t mean that it’s the best place to have your vehicle repaired at.

Keep in Mind the Considerations You’ll Need to Make

There are other considerations to make. For example, do they guarantee their work the way the Auto Dent Specialists do? Also, do they hire specially trained auto technicians who are masters at PDR? We do which is something you want to think about.

What type of hours do they keep? Are they open in the evenings and on weekends as a convenience to you? Will they help you secure a rental vehicle if they have possession of your auto for more than a day?

These are the things that we thought of when offering services to our customers. We wanted to give them more than just a simple repair service. We want to give you peace of mind so that you’re able to get your vehicle fixed fast.

The Auto Dent Specialists Offer Calm After the Storm

When you know you’re being cared for, you can relax. You’re able to accomplish so much more when you’re level-headed. We offer calm after the storm.


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