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What Happens to My Vehicle If I Don’t Get It Repaired Following a Hailstorm?

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Dent tips

So, you may be asking, “What happens to my vehicle if I don’t get it repaired following a hailstorm?” It’s a legitimate question that deserves a thoughtful answer. In the best cases, your car, truck, van or SUV will operate but not look its best. It will simply be dented and dinged but drivable.

Where Should You Take Your Vehicle to Get It Repaired?

If a significant amount of damage is apparent and the automobile isn’t a total loss, you’ll want to make a choice about where to take it to get repaired. The insurance company recommends Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) because it’s the least expensive option for them to pay for.

Risks You Take by Not Repairing a Hail Damaged Vehicle

Here are some of the things that could happen to your vehicle if you don’t get it repaired following a hailstorm:

  • It could rust out. If the vehicle has significant damage, it could cause the body of the vehicle to oxidize. Instead of PDR, the entire panel would need to be removed, fixed or replaced. The expense wouldn’t be covered by your insurance company so you’d be forced to pay out of pocket to get the repair done. You’d be stuck repairing it, scrapping it or buying a new vehicle to replace it.
  • The chips in the windshield could get worse. They may cause the glass to shatter onto you and your passengers while driving. This could be very dangerous and painful. If you value your safety and that of the people traveling with you, you don’t want a broken windshield wreaking havoc on your life.
  • Your deductible could increase. If you file an insurance claim and don’t repair the vehicle, there is a chance that your out-of-pocket expenses will increase. Keep this in mind when deciding whether to take the car, truck, van or SUV in for repairs. Some companies help with the deductible so don’t let that be a reason for avoiding necessary repair work.
  • Your manufacturer’s warranty is voided. If you’re leasing or financing your vehicle, unrepaired damage voids out the warranty. If you want to be eligible for qualified repairs without paying out of pocket in the event there is a recall, you’ll want to protect the warranty at all costs. That means that you take your hail damaged vehicle in to have it fixed.

Avoid even more costly repairs by taking your car, truck, van or SUV to the Auto Dent Specialists to have it repaired. Our goal is to make sure that you’re never without a running vehicle. If the insurance company doesn’t arrange for you to have a rental while we repair your automobile, let us know. We’ll make sure that you’re given a reliable set of wheels to use until you have your vehicle back.

The Risk is Greater Than the Expense on Hail Damaged Autos

When you take a chance, and don’t have your auto repaired right away, you risk it sustaining greater damage. You compromise your safety and the safety of others. The likelihood of your deductible increasing and your manufacturer’s warranty being voided is greater, too.

We Get the Job Done Fast and Expertly

Although it may seem like a hassle to be without your vehicle for any length of time, rest assured that we’ll do the necessary repairs as quickly as possible. This keeps you from spending a great deal of time without your wheels. We’ll even work to get you a rental vehicle if the insurance company hasn’t already done that for you.

Debunking Auto Body Work Myths

If you’re coming up with excuses as to why you shouldn’t fix your auto, let us debunk a few myths you might believe. The first is that it will cost you too much to do so. If you have a deductible, we have a program that helps defray the costs so that shouldn’t deter you from having the auto repaired.

Next, you might think that you can do it yourself. Yes, you can attempt to but you’ll not have the repair guaranteed or the warranty restored. That means that you’ll have to pay out of pocket for expenses later.

Finally, you might feel as though auto body shops can’t be trusted. We can! Our Better Business Bureau rating speaks volumes about the level of customer satisfaction we provide.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Utmost Priority

We put our customers first and have for over a decade. That’s why people continue to bring their vehicles to us. It’s also why they refer their family members and friends to us, too.

Let us take care of your hail damaged vehicle. Don’t risk it by letting it sit without being repaired. Restore your car, truck, van or SUV to its former glory quickly, easily, and affordably with the Auto Dent Specialists help.


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