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Asking an Auto Body Shop Tough Questions About Your Vehicle Repair

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Dent tips

A nasty storm can significantly damage your vehicle. If there was hail involved and the car, truck, van or SUV wasn’t protected, it may have large dings and dents in it. After filing a claim with your auto insurance company, you realize that Paintless Dent Removal is the best option you have. Now you’re tasked with the job of trying to find the right people to do the repair for you.

Gain a Better Understanding of What an Auto Body Shop Can Do for You

When trying to decide which auto body shop to do PDR on your hail damaged vehicle, questions will come to mind. By asking the technician some tough questions, you’ll gain a better idea of how their company does business. You’ll have a better understanding of what you’re entitled to as a customer, too. This makes it easier to know what to expect from the repair shop and automotive technicians themselves.

What You Need to Know Before You Have Your Vehicle Repaired

Here are some of the questions you’ll want to ask before committing to any type of repair work:

  1. Do your technicians receive special training? You want someone who is skilled at doing PDR. If they are not, they could further damage your vehicle. It’s not enough to know how to do the repair, either. They must possess the training and have access to the right tools to correctly restore your vehicle to its former condition.
  2. How long does it take to do PDR? You’ve got things to do. You can’t waste time wondering when your vehicle will be returned to you. If an auto body shop can’t give you a definitive answer as to when your repair will be finished, it’s time to go somewhere else. Transparency is key. Even if it does take longer to get the job done, you’ll know what to expect.
  3. Do you guarantee the work? What if something were to go wrong with the repair later on down the road? Would you be stuck paying out of pocket for it? The Auto Dent Specialists offer a Limited Lifetime Guarantee for as long as you are the owner of the vehicle. That gives you peace of mind and yet another incentive to bring your car, truck, van or SUV to us.
  4. What type of hours do you keep? If you have a day job or have a need to take the kids to school, you’re not going to be able to bring your vehicle in for a repair during the day. Flexible hours that include evenings and weekends is ideal for most people. That’s why we keep those hours. It’s one of the ways we go above and beyond for our customers.
  5. Will you help me with a rental vehicle if the repair takes longer than a day? If the damage is great, and PDR takes more than it usually takes, we will make arrangements to help you rent a car. This is, of course, if the insurance company didn’t already do this for you. Having a vehicle to get around in while yours is being repaired is ideal. A company should help you remedy this problem.
  6. How long has your company been in business? Years of excellent customer service speaks volumes about an auto body shop. It gives you clues about how the company sees its customers. If a company has a bad reputation, it’s because it hasn’t taken the time to address complaints or offer solutions.
  7. What do other customers say about the work you do? Are there testimonials of the business online? How is the company’s online presence? Do they have a high rating with the Better Business Bureau? We do! Our customers have helped us keep our glowing reputation untarnished. This is an indicator of how we treat the people that come to us for repairs and PDR services.

The Auto Dent Specialists go above and beyond for our customers. You’re not just a number to us. We genuinely have your best interests in mind. That’s why we offer more than skilled PDR service technicians.

Gain Peace of Mind with the Right Auto Body Technicians

We provide you with peace of mind following a catastrophic life event. It’s not every day that your vehicle is heavily pounded with hail. It’s stressful enough making arrangements to be without a vehicle for even a short period. Paying out of pocket for repairs not covered by the insurance company can be taxing, too.

We Help Defray Repair Costs with Our Deductible Forgiveness Program

We understand why this concerns you. We’ve been there ourselves. That’s why we’ve come up with a Deductible Forgiveness Program for qualified repairs. We’ll knock up to $500 off the cost of PDR so you won’t be in a bind financially.


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