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DIY on Auto Dent Repair

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Dent tips

Things happen without notice. You simply cannot plan for every event in life. It’s just impossible.

Most people do not foresee negative events happening in their lives. These things occur naturally. People are unsuspecting of all the things that can happen to their car, truck, van or SUV when they own a vehicle.

They do not want to face the fact that their new automobile could be significantly damaged by hail. Rather than call it a total loss, many insurance companies recommend Paintless Dent Removal services because they’re inexpensive and fast. Knowing what type of damage your insurance company covers is a wise move because it allows you to prepare for the worst.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take preventative steps in protecting your vehicle. Anyone who owns a car, truck, van or SUV will want to take note of the things they should do to keep the body of their vehicle in excellent condition. They should not, however, try to do an auto dent repair by themselves or task a family member or friend to do it for them. It takes a level of expertise to successfully remove dents from a vehicle.

DIY Kits Often Cause Worse Damage

Although there are companies profiting off of people by selling them DIY repair kits, it takes a certain level of skill to do the job correctly. A trained technician has received training on how to remove dents quickly and safely without further damaging the vehicle. If you attempt to do the repair yourself, there is a good possibility that you may damage it worse.

That means more costly repairs down the road. You can easily avoid this problem by taking your vehicle to the Auto Dent Specialists for an estimate of costs. When you speak to us about the damage done to your vehicle, we’ll be able to come up with a plan of action that best suits your needs and bank account.

Maintain the Manufacturer’s Warranty on Your Vehicle

If done incorrectly, it causes thousands of dollars in additional repairs. It also voids the warranty which is no good. The manufacturer has it in place as a way of protecting your vehicle for the first years of ownership. This guarantee is what saves you thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses.

When you have someone other than a skilled professional pop a dent out of your vehicle, you void the manufacturer’s warranty. When you work with a company such as the Auto Dent Specialists, there is no concern because our technicians are skilled at what they do. They possess the knowledge and tools needed to repair your vehicle and keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid.

Take Advantage of Our Deductible Forgiveness Program

The Auto Dent Specialists offers a Deductible Forgiveness Program that helps reduce the amount of money you pay for Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) services. Rather than be stuck with the cost, you can arrange to receive an estimate which lets you know just how much you need to cover the expense of the repair. If the deductible is more than you were expecting, you can see if your vehicle qualifies for our forgiveness program.

It takes up to $500 off of the cost of repairs. That means that you won’t have to pay as much out of pocket as you would if you went to another shop. You’ll also benefit from our lifetime guarantee.

A Limited Lifetime Guarantee Offered by the Auto Dent Specialists

For as long as you are the owner of the vehicle, our repair work is covered. If something were to happen to the area that was taken care of by our technicians, we’d foot the cost. Peace of mind is something that we go to great lengths to provide to our customers. It’s just one more reason why people opt to bring their vehicles to us opposed to another auto repair company.


An Excellent Company with an Excellent Reputation to Match

Get the service that you deserve by bringing your car, truck, van or SUV to the Auto Dent Specialists. We accommodate our customers by keeping night and weekend hours, too. We know it’s an inconvenience to need to have a vehicle repaired .

Lucky for you, we’re well-versed as to what to do next. We’ll take care of your repair in no time. Then, you’ll have your vehicle back on the road so it can do what you need it to do for you.

Trust what other people have to say about how well we treat our customers. We go above and beyond to make sure that you’re satisfied. We want you to feel comfortable bringing your vehicles to use which is why we offer so many incentives to do so.

Save time and money while avoiding regret. Maintain your manufacturer’s warranty on your vehicle. Don’t lose out on a lifetime warranty on the repair , either. Receive deductible forgiveness so that your money works out best for you.


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