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What Goes Into a Hail Damage Repair Estimate?

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Dent tips

If you’ve ever been faced with hail damage, you know how destructive it can be. When you go to get a hail damage repair estimate, you need to know a few things. For example, what does it take to get accurate pricing for a repair? What types of methods does the auto body repair shop employ to remove dings and dents from your vehicle?
The average cost of hail damage repair as reported by Auto Trends Magazine is about $2,500. That’s a significant amount of cost to deal with. Comprehensive coverage takes a big bite out what you’ll pay but you’re often left with a deductible which varies by insurance coverage provider.
One of the easiest ways to avoid hail damage altogether is to park your vehicle inside a garage. If one isn’t available, a carport offers added protection. If you don’t have either option available, hail damage is often inevitable.

Get to Know What is Expected from You as the Vehicle Owner
Having an idea of what goes into a hair damage repair estimate helps you plan accordingly. After all, it’s an expense that you’ll be partially responsible for paying for. That’s why you need to know what to expect from the auto body shop that you take your car, truck, van or SUV to.
An Insurance Adjuster Assesses the Extent of the Hail Damage
First, an insurance adjuster will assess the damage and give you an idea as to the extent of the damage done to the vehicle. They’ll take a look at the full picture to provide you with an accurate estimate. The adjuster accounts for the extent of the damage done, the year, make, and model of the vehicle, and the mileage that it has.
They’ll then determine how much the insurance company is willing to pay for Paintless Dent Removal (PDR). The amount is less the deductible. You’ll then be able to go to different repair shops in your area and ask for an estimate of costs for repair.
The Auto Body Repair Shop Provides You with a Quote for Services
Quotes will be given for PDR as well as parts and labor. After you’ve received the estimates, you’ll be able to select who you want to work with to complete the repairs. It’s important to know that you shouldn’t attempt to do the repair yourself because you may further damage the auto.
We Offer a Deductible Forgiveness Program That Benefits You
Your responsibility will be to pay the deductible as long as you have comprehensive insurance on your vehicle. The Auto Dent Specialists offer a Deductible Forgiveness Program that gives you up to $500 off hail damage repair services. That means you’ll pay less than you imagined it would cost you when you have PDR done by us.
The Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal Explained
The benefits of Paintless Dent Removal are widely known throughout the automotive industry. Not only does it restore your manufacturer’s warranty, it gives your vehicle a new lease on life. You won’t drive around with a big dent in your side panel or hood.
Maintain Your Image with a Vehicle That Looks Great
Instead, you’ll be able to keep up the image you worked so hard to create for yourself. Your vehicle fits your lifestyle the way that it should. You don’t have to worry about the body of your car rusting out, either.
What Sets Us Apart From Other Auto Repair Shops
The Auto Dent Specialists know a thing or two about vehicle repair. That’s why so many people in the area take their vehicles to us. We provide fair hail damage repair estimates and can even help you with the deductible if you can’t pay it yourself.
Get an Added Level of Protection with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
We give you a limited lifetime warranty on the work that we do, meaning that your vehicle is covered for as long as you own it. We also have over 15 years of experience to speak of and an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. That speaks highly of the type of work we do for our customers.
When your vehicle is repaired, you no longer have the risk of it rusting out. You restore its value in the event you want to sell it or one day trade it in. You also keep it in good physical condition so that you’re able to take it to work or other professional settings without it becoming an eyesore.
An Excellent Reputation Makes Our Business Stand Out in the Community
Now that you know what goes into a hail damage repair estimate, you can choose which auto body repair shop to work with. The experts at the Auto Dent Specialists are ready and able to help you with PDR. Our technicians are skilled at removing dings and dents from vehicles so it only makes sense to bring your automobile to us.


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