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The Most Common Sources of Auto Dents and How to Prevent Them

by | Dec 26, 2016 | Dent tips

Dents and dings to our vehicle’s body is often unavoidable. Try as we might to park away from other automobiles and place our cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs in a safe location during a storm, we inevitably fall short with the task, suffering missteps and auto body damage. By knowing what types of incidents exist, we’re better equipped to avoid them. If you want to skip the lesson learned from parking your new vehicle outside during storm season, feel free to keep reading.

Here are the most common sources of auto dents and ways to prevent them:

  • Shopping Carts. Inevitably one of the greatest cause for concern is the attended or unattended shopping cart that delivers such crushing force when driven into the side of a vehicle. To keep this from happening, you can park as far away in the parking lot as you can and retrieve stray shopping carts along the way. Other vehicle owners appreciate the gesture and you don’t have to worry about a gust of wind taking hold of a cart and causing your car, truck, van or SUV significant damage. Fewer carts left unattended means fewer dents and dings in your vehicle each time you visit a public place.
  • Vehicle Doors. On the same note, vehicle doors are swung open with momentum, often striking your vehicle and causing visible damage. Whenever possible, park away from other automobiles. If that isn’t a possibility, try to find an end parking spot so you only have one vehicle beside you to deal with. If you and the other motorist arrive at the same time, allow them to exit their vehicle first so you can watch how they open their door. A simple look in their direction can remind them to be mindful before getting out of their automobile, sparing you the expense of a repair. People don’t mean to hit your vehicle with their car doors. They do so because they’re in a hurry or can’t get out of their automobile because they parked too close to yours.
  • Hail Storms. Clearly something that cannot be avoided at times, hail storms wreak havoc by causing extensive damage to even the toughest vehicles. If you have a choice to park in a covered area or garage, do so. If you’re somewhere that doesn’t offer shelter, understand that you have no other choice but to leave your vehicle where it is. Hope for the best in these situations because depending on how quickly the hail falls, you’re in for a few dents and dings no matter what.
  • Fallen Branches. Storms have a tendency to jostle things around a bit. Your environment may be disturbed by bad weather. Fallen branches damage vehicles quickly. It isn’t unusual to see a dent or a ding after a thunderstorm, hail storm or tornado. Spend some time cutting away tree branches that hang too low or over the top of your vehicle. This prevents them from coming down on your roof or slamming the side of your car, truck, van or SUV.
  • Road Debris. Sticks, stones, and garbage on roads and highways get stirred up and often fly at your vehicle unexpectedly. You may see body damage after encountering roadwork or driving down an unpaved road. If you can’t reroute yourself prior to encountering the streets or highways under construction, know that you may need to seek out auto body services to repair the damage your vehicle sustained.
  • Tight Spaces. If you have to squeeze your vehicle into a tight space to park it, don’t. There’s a good chance you’ll hit the other vehicle and cause damage to yours. Try to find a parking spot elsewhere. If you have no other choice but to park in a narrow spot, do so with caution as your car, truck, van or SUV may be struck by a car door if the other driver or passenger cannot get in their vehicle easily.

Don’t let a dent ruin your day. Trust the experts at Auto Dent Specialists to remove the dings and dents from your vehicle using our paintless dent removal process. Restore the value of your vehicle and keep it from going to the scrapyard. We’re committed to helping you repair your car, truck, van or SUV back to its former glory.

Paintless dent removal saves you money by helping you avoid major work and body repair. It also restores the manufacturer’s warranty and takes very little time to complete. You’ll have your vehicle back in your possession in no time.

It’ll be as good as new and we’ll even make arrangements for you to get a rental car if the insurance company doesn’t do it for you. That’s how we take good care of our customers. We tend to your needs in your time of need.



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