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Auto Dent Specialists- Why Choose Us for Paintless Dent Removal?

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Dent tips

There are a number of auto body shops that claim to do Paintless Dent Removal for less. Before you waste a lot of time getting estimates, ask, “What else do they have to offer me?” If providing a low quote is the only objective that they have, you should question why they do that. Do they have your best interests in mind?

Leave Paintless Dent Removal to the Experts

Paintless Dent Removal is best left to the experts. Even though advertisers have you believe that the repair can be done at home, we certainly don’t recommend it. Even if you’re a very capable person, letting a professional handle PDR for you is advised. It gives you a range of benefits that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to if you handled the repair yourself.

How the Auto Dent Specialists Stand Out Among Other Auto Repair Services

For over 15 years, the Auto Dent Specialists have been exceeding customer expectations by providing speedy and excellent dent removal services. In addition to keeping hours that the competition hasn’t thought about keeping, we have a number of other benefits that we offer our customers when they bring a vehicle to us that needs Paintless Dent Removal. There are reasons why people keep bringing their cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs to us year after year.

Here are some compelling reasons to choose us for PDR services:

  • Our technicians possess the knowledge and skills to do the job right. Don’t let a friend convince you that they’re skilled at PDR. Even if they own a kit to remove dents, they don’t have the training that our techs have. Instead, rest assured that the job will get done correctly the first time around. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle won’t rust out because you took care of the dent or ding right away rather than let it wait for months.
  • We offer evening and weekend hours to accommodate your busy schedule. You can bring your vehicle in whenever it is convenient for you. You don’t have to worry about leaving work early or skipping class to make it to our auto body shop before it closes. We’ll also make sure that you have access to a rental vehicle if your insurance company fails to do that for you. This makes it so you always have a vehicle in possession to use to get back and forth to work, to drop off and pick up the kids from school, and make trips to the bank and grocery store.
  • We offer a Deductible Forgiveness voucher of up to $500 off qualified repairs. That means less out-of-pocket expense for you and more money in your bank account. If saving a few bucks is why you’ve considered going elsewhere, rest assured that we’ll do right by you. Don’t forgo all of the other benefits that we offer by taking your vehicle to someone who isn’t willing to go the extra mile for you.
  • We restore the manufacturer’s warranty on the vehicle. If you were to need a manufacturer’s suggested repair or replacement done due to a recall, you could take advantage of it. Without the manufacturer’s warranty in place, all promises are null and void. You’ll have to pay out of pocket for the repair and that’s a waste of money. If you don’t want to deal with that type of headache, you’ll want to bring your vehicle to a skilled professional who has been trained to deal with dents.
  • We guarantee our services. For as long as you are the owner of the repaired vehicle, you have a limited lifetime warranty. We protect you from out of pocket expenses due to flaws in the workmanship of our technicians. In the event that PDR further damages your vehicles or doesn’t hold like it’s supposed to, we’ll take care of the repair at no expense to you.
  • Our rating with the Better Business Bureau is outstanding! Customers love our work. That’s why they’ve reported back to the BBB with glowing reviews. You can check out our record of success by searching for our name on the Better Business Bureau website. It’s a testament to how sound of workmanship is and how well we treat our customers.


Why go to someone who offers a cheaper estimate only to learn that they don’t guarantee the work that they do? With the Auto Dent Specialists, you get a limited lifetime warranty for the duration of time that you are the owner of the repaired vehicle. That means that any future repairs for the area fixed by PDR are at no cost to you if they are indeed a result of our handiwork. This time of guarantee shows how much we believe in our technicians and the high level of skill they provide to our business.


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